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Natural ways to lower blood pressure – 3 January 7, 2009

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Keep the fungus away

If you are in the habit of wearing shoes without socks, chances are you may have fungus.

Keep your feet dry by applying cornstarch between your toes daily.

If you have sweaty feet and hands, soak them in the following solutions for 10 minutes:

Tea. In a pail of warm water place two tea bags. Allow water to turn brown. Tea contains tannins that help absorb the excess moisture.

Vinegar. Mix 10 parts water to one part vinegar.

Epsom salts. To remove fungus, mix one gallon of water with 2 tbsp of Epsom salts. A daily soak will prove very effective.

Fight bladder infections fast

The worst thing that can happen to you while on a trip is to suffer a bladder infection. Telltale signs: burning sensation when you urinate, and a frequent urge to urinate even after having relieved yourself. Also, cloudy urine.

Remember, the more often you urinate, the faster you get rid of the bacteria. Try these:

Drink 15 glasses of water daily.

Take one glass of coconut water every three hours.

Drink cranberry juice three times daily.

Drink sambong tea (bluema camphora), which is native to the Philippines. Its leaves made into tea can flush out toxins from your kidneys. Or, take it in tablet form three times a day.

Your meditation for today: “My life will get better day by day.”

Love and light!

Ref: dailyinquirer/Cory Quirino – World of Wellness, the health, beauty and wellness

Wrong carbs can cause fatigue December 17, 2008

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IF you huff and puff in the gym after a round of lifting weights or ballroom dancing or basketball, don’t worry. Any physical exertion is good for the body. It’s expending energy to gain energy.

The way to increase efficiency in burning fat, perspiring toxins and excreting properly is through a fitness program. Some pointers:

1. Get into a new sport, enroll in a gym, or join a walking club. Thrice a week is good enough to keep your body running smoothly. Don’t mind the aches and pains first-timers usually experience. This will gradually go away when your body gets used to physical activities.

2. Eat high-octane foods.

Suggested high-energy meal plan: High-fiber foods such as fresh fruits/ vegetables, multigrain breads and brown or red rice.

Fats provide twice more energy than carbo or protein. And the mind-boggling truth is, the more energy derived from fat, the better for your health! Sources: Fats—oils, butter, egg yolk, cheese. Carbo—high-fiber foods listed above. Proteins—meat, fish, poultry, eggs.

If you don’t watch your carbohydrate intake, you could suffer from carbohydrate intolerance (CI). Its symptoms include: sleepiness after meals, increased body fat, loss of concentration, fatigue and intestinal bloating.

Most people are unaware that they are suffering from CI, the early stage of hypertension, obesity, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides. If you don’t handle your CI well, it could lead to syndrome X, a host of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. To rule out CI, see your doctor and have yourself tested for insulin and glucose levels.

Try this two-week meal plan. If you lose weight, avoid bread, pasta, corn, potatoes, muffins, cakes, crackers, rice, sweets, fruits or fruit juice, cold cuts or processed meats and soda or carbonated drinks.

Then eat or drink: whole eggs, meats, chicken, fish, nuts, seeds, oils, vinegar, sea salt, (not processed salt), beans, legumes, vegetables and water.

If you feel better after this change of diet, it means you could live on less carbo from now on. Return the good carbo to your diet for as long as you don’t feel the CI symptoms. This way, you can determine your carbo tolerance levels and the carbo best for you.

In the end, it’s all about a balanced meal plan to ensure your optimum performance.

Water therapy

Do you know that the more protein you eat, the more water you need between meals? So, while you’re having a relaxing warm bath, spice it up. Add a few slices of ginger and 1 cup of ginger juice. Allow it to stimulate your skin. Sip a glass of ginger tea. Put 1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger in a pot of hot water, strain. Add 1 teaspoon coco nectar honey, 2 ice cubes. Enjoy!

Affirm: “My heart is big. It can contain all of life!”

Love and light!


Ref: “In Fitness And In Health” by Philip Maffetone