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Wellness not only proper diet, exercise – 2 January 30, 2009

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Drink one-half cup of lactose-free Kefir from organically fed cows three times daily before meals. You can mix this with one-half teaspoon of coco honey/nectar (which is low-glycemic, safe for diabetics). Kefir is the latest rage in the US, and is now available in the Philippines. A pre-digested protein from Kefir grains is a potent detox agent which promotes healthy bowel movement and regulates blood sugar levels, kidney/liver/nervous systems and best of all, natural weight loss. High in magnesium and calcium, it strengthens bones, promotes health and sound sleep. Many use Kefir as a meal replacement. However, it is best to combine this with a light meal. Kefir is stronger than yoghurt or commercially prepared lacto-baccilli drinks because it provides billions of live “good bacteria.” Success stories include weight loss of 10-15 lbs in four to six weeks if consumed 30 minutes before meals. For inquiries, call 0916-2676056 (Alabang), 0906-2769996/0927-3767626 (Metro Manila). Call Coco House for coco nectar at 4893166.

Q: I’ve been suffering from depression for longer periods of time. Is there a way out?

For as long as we have a heart that feels, human beings will always be subjected to a gamut of emotions—happiness, love, contentment, guilt, fear, anger, sadness. However, when depression hits you for no apparent reason, there is reason for concern.

Rule out hormonal imbalance. Have a physical check up.  Get started on an exercise routine. This gets your endorphins (feel-good hormones) flowing.

Learn a new hobby.

Forgive anyone who has wronged you, set aside your feelings of abandonment and bitterness by replacing them with happy memories. Leave your past behind, focus on the present and open your heart to the future by letting go of your past pain. According to Greg Anderson in “The 22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness,” if you change your behavior, you change your thoughts, thus you influence different results. If you have been in therapy for one year without successful results, there is something definitely wrong. And it’s your wrong emotional choice. So, make a decision to be happy by responding to life’s challenges differently. If your heart has been broken, there is a saying: There’s nothing like a new love to replace an old love. Smile!

Ref: Cory Quirino of World of Wellness.

Lemons, grapefruits are good detox food – 1 January 22, 2009

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DO you know that any changes in your eating habits will affect your metabolic rate?

Gaining weight is deceptively easy, especially if you’re not alert. What to do?

1. When brushing teeth, scrape the surface of your tongue. Health experts believe this is the best way to reduce the amount of germs/bacteria and infections entering your body.

2. Balance the pH in your system. Drink something alkaline like a cup of warm water with a slice of lemon or 1 tsp apple cider vinegar or a glass of alkaline water.

3. For the next seven days, take a pinch of rock salt with a glass of water. Place it on top of your tongue, then drink up. Salt will help you keep hydrated. Take 10-12 glasses daily.

4. Be kind to your liver. Abstain from fatty foods and alcohol for one week. Eat a handful of black grapes; it’s considered liver food.  Eat a fresh clove of garlic (mixed with food and not alone). Or take a capsule of garlic oil after meal.  Drink a glass of pure, fresh carrot and beat root juice.  Take 2 capsules of dandelion or fennel tea.

5.  Aside from liver, the other major detox organ is the kidneys.  Go easy on commercially prepared beverages unless they are low in sugar and preservative free.  Drink coconut water up to two glasses a day.  Take a warm cup of water mixed with fresh, wild honey (from bees) or coconut honey (from coco flower nectar).  Drink a glass of cranberry juice.  Eat two slices of fresh melon in the morning. Note: Best to eat it alone and not to eat any other food 30 minutes before and after you consume it as it may cause indigestion.

Reference: “Detox Yourself” by: Jane Scrivner The British School of Complementary Therapy


Natural ways to lower blood pressure – 3 January 7, 2009

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Keep the fungus away

If you are in the habit of wearing shoes without socks, chances are you may have fungus.

Keep your feet dry by applying cornstarch between your toes daily.

If you have sweaty feet and hands, soak them in the following solutions for 10 minutes:

Tea. In a pail of warm water place two tea bags. Allow water to turn brown. Tea contains tannins that help absorb the excess moisture.

Vinegar. Mix 10 parts water to one part vinegar.

Epsom salts. To remove fungus, mix one gallon of water with 2 tbsp of Epsom salts. A daily soak will prove very effective.

Fight bladder infections fast

The worst thing that can happen to you while on a trip is to suffer a bladder infection. Telltale signs: burning sensation when you urinate, and a frequent urge to urinate even after having relieved yourself. Also, cloudy urine.

Remember, the more often you urinate, the faster you get rid of the bacteria. Try these:

Drink 15 glasses of water daily.

Take one glass of coconut water every three hours.

Drink cranberry juice three times daily.

Drink sambong tea (bluema camphora), which is native to the Philippines. Its leaves made into tea can flush out toxins from your kidneys. Or, take it in tablet form three times a day.

Your meditation for today: “My life will get better day by day.”

Love and light!

Ref: dailyinquirer/Cory Quirino – World of Wellness, the health, beauty and wellness