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Wellness not only proper diet, exercise – 1 January 26, 2009

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MOST people believe that wellness is simply about eating the right food, taking a walk and inheriting good genes.

Here are the answer to the numerous questions on wellness.

Q: I am male, 45 years old. Last year, I had a heart attack and underwent by-pass surgery. How is it possible when it is not in my family history?

Neglect and abuse can lead to heart problems.  The factors leading up to heart ailments include: No exercise, high-fat diet, overwork/stress, excessive drinking, smoking, fatigue/exhaustion and sleepless nights.

The recommended heart care regimen includes: diet rich in vegetables, regular exercise/brisk walking, meditation/non-stressful routines (yoga, tai chi) and regular intake of vitamin and mineral supplements, especially magnesium, potassium and coenzyme Q10.

Q: Could you help me lose 10 lbs without surgery before Christmas?

If you’re serious about losing 10 lbs in one month, it can be done. But commitment is needed. Here’s what you can do:

Throw out/give away all the junk food in your kitchen, night table and refrigerator.
Consume vegetables and fruits, high-fiber breads/pasta, lemon, olive oil and virgin coco oil.

Eat regular meals. Don’t skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. Take two tablespoons of virgin coco oil before breakfast. Eat only one-half of your usual intake of rice/bread/pasta. Eat more fish or chicken.

Enroll in a group class at the gym or brisk-walk/jog/run daily for 30 minutes.

Take your probiotics.

Ref:  Cory Quirino of World of Wellness