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100 ways to burn 100 calories – 6 December 15, 2008

Posted by paripl110707 in Build a snowman, Chop down, Crush cans, Fly a plane, Pick up trash, Plant trees, Play dodgeball, Push stroller, Put lights outside, Ride your bike, Roast chestnuts, Wade a heavy current.
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Getting into the Christmas spirit

► Chop down five Christmas tree.  (You could have a tree in every room of the house or be generous and volunteer to do the honors for your friends and family.)

► Spend half an hour putting up lights outside the house.

► Roast chestnuts on an open fire (31 minutes).

► Help the kids build a snowman for 26 minutes.

► Save your Christmas shopping for the last minute:  Walking briskly through a mall with a stack of packages will but through 100 calories in just over 19 minutes.

► Wrap 21 of those gifts when you get home.


Being politically correct

► Plant two medium-size trees.

► Save gas by riding your bike to work (21 minutes at a leisurely pace).

► March in protest of your coice for 10 minutes.  (Carrying a sign or placard will burn even more calories.)


► Crush 623 cans for recycling.

► Volunteer to pick up trash along the high-way for 19 ½ minutes.


Living the good life


► Man a sailboat for 26 minutes.


► Wade in a heavy current while fishing for more than 12 minutes.  (Don’t worry if you’re no good at it; rescuing your line from a tree is good for a quick 100 every 16 minutes.)


► Fly your private plane for 38 ½ minutes.


► Read the financial section for an hour.


► Stack $560,000 worth of $100 bills into 56 piles of $10,000 each.



Being a good father


► Pretend to be the bogey man and chase a kid around for 16 minutes.


► Push your child in a stroller for 30 minutes.


► Play dodgeball or hopscotch with your children for about 15 minutes.


► Change 52 diapers.


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