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Get fit, live longer December 20, 2008

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Perhaps your life has been one long experiment in inertia.  Maybe you’ve never been in great shape, and you’ve begun to wonder, why bother now?  The damage is done, right?  Wrong.  Even if you’re terribly out of shape, you can cut your risk for heart disease and other health problems dramatically.  All you have to do is get off the couch and out into the fresh air. 

A recent study of almost 10,000 men demonstrated that unfit men who became fit within five years had half the risk of dying from any cause as those who stayed out of shape.  Their death rate dropped as much as the death rate for men who build smoking during the five year study.  We haven’t  had good data in the past to show that if you’re unfit and change your ways, you really get a lot of benefit.  This suggests not only that you do get some benefits, but  that the benefits are very significant.

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