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100 ways to burn 100 calories – 3 December 12, 2008

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Playing professional sports

► Face Michael Jordan on the court for nine minutes.

► Go two rounds with Mike Tyson.  (Don’t think you could survive that long?  No problem.  Lying unconscious for an hour and a half will also burn the same amount).

► Carry Lee Trevino’s bags for two holes.

► Throw fastballs to the White Sox for two innings (14 minutes on the mound).

► Play half a period of professional hockey. (Lose calories and teeth at the same time.)

► Bowl 10 frames against Earl Anthony. (You may not bowl 300, but you’ll burn 100.)

► Throw long passes while avoiding the Pittsburgh Steelers defense for 10 minutes.


During a romantic evening

► Woo her with a 33-minute turn on the piano.

► Slow-dance through seven songs (about 26 minutes).

► Give her a full-body massage for 19 ½ minutes.

► Shower her with 9,240 mini-kisses all over her body.

► Sweep her off her feet and carry her up to the bedroom.  (This only works if you bedroom’s on the 13th floor.  If not, you burn eight calories per flight of stairs, so walk her around a bit.)

► Make love for about an hour. (Then again, if you can accomplish this on a regular basis, chances are she doesn’t care how fat you are.)

► Make breakfast in bed for her the next morning. (Includes cooking for 20 minutes, serving it to her and, yes doing the dishes).

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