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A Change in Plans April 7, 2009

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If you don’t exercise at noon but you do at other times of the day, apply the same principles spelled out in “Eat the Clock”, but adjust them to fit  your schedule.  For example:

► If you exercise in the morning, have a larger dinner (a meat dish, with a side of pasta with red sauce, bread and salad) the night before.  The extra energy will carry over into the morning.  Then have a small snack and plenty of water early in the morning.  A piece of  fruit is fine.  Have a cup of coffee 30 minutes before you hit the gym, it you’re so inclined.  (If you have hypertension, check this out with your doctor first.)  after the workout, have another small dose of carbohydrate (a low-fat muffin, bagel, yogurt)  to replenish your energy stores.

  If you exercise right after work, make sure you have a little more protein at lunch, to provide the extra mental energy needed to get through the afternoon.  But don’t overdo it.  Sluggishness is more common in people who eat large midday meals.  These are the people you often find unconscious at their desks around 2 p.m, and applying for unemployment benefits shortly thereafter.  Have a small snack—a nut mix or a piece of fruit on the way to the gym.  Have a soft drink, too.  It has considerably less caffeine than coffee, so it’s less likely to keep you up at night, but it may pack enough of a jolt to perk you up.  For dinner, cut back on the meal, because you’ll be eating most of your protein at lunch.  Instead, beef up the meal with carbohydrate-rich pasta.

Stretch your body March 10, 2009

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Many of us are very lazy to have an exercise.  It is very good to your health.  The reason why others don’t like to have a daily exercise was that they said that when they exercise, they fell pain.  And sometime you have to enroll in a gym just to boost the feeling of exercising.  But exercise need  not be painful, expensive or complicated.   There is one exercise which everyone can do it easily without complaining of anything.  That is stretching.  Stretching is one form of exercise.  That is very simple to do but so  effective. There are some few guidelines to follow:

(1) Try to wear slack and comfortable clothes  to get the maximum stretching.  (2) Start from the top and move downward. Bend from side to side, then front to back.  (3) Do each movement slowly and move with the flow. Relax and feel each tense area being stretched and rejuvenated.  (4) Breathe deeply and slowly.  (5) A good stretch is achieved by alternately moving shoulders up and down.  (6) Raise your arms upward, clasp them together and move your neck up and down, and side to side. Feel the stretch in the neck area become more intense.  (7) Raise the right arm and bend to the left and do the reverse. Feel the stretch along the side of your body.  (8) Raise arms forward and stretch them, opening them wide. Draw them in slowly, then spread them out again.  (9) Bend down forward and shake your shoulders while in downward pose. This will help relax the back and shoulders.  (10)  As you stretch the arm or leg muscles, don’t forget to also stretch the eye muscles by looking in different directions.  (11)  Before you get out of bed in the morning, you can do the cat and dog stretch to keep the spine supple and flexible. Get on all fours and alternately arch and move your head down to the chest, then stretch and look upward.  (12) Stretch the different parts of the body with gentle movements every chance you get. – R. Valencia S. Bismark

To lose weight, be in control of food (1) February 12, 2009

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Good morning everybody.  Almost all of us were aiming to lose weight and get sexy especially to women.  The tendency of us when we are doing nothing is that we tend to eat.  Maybe not a hard food.  Some are eating while they are reading books, some are eating while they are watching  TV, some are eating while they are playing games in the computer.  We love to eat.  But all of us should be aware and should always be in control when eating, especially those fatty foods.


Before you start reading a diet book, apply weight loss approaches which have been successful for many people.   There are many books on weight loss that can teach you how to control your food eating.  There is this Bob Greene’s approach in his book “The Best Life Diet”.  It is easier to follow since it gives more time to gradually adjust to your new lifestyle. This is applicable to busy people who might not commit to a gym schedule or structured diet right away.


In Phase One, focus on eating breakfast, avoiding extra snacks and not eating two hours before you sleep and increasing daily physical activities like walking. This is more double than limiting the amount of food intake right away. Once you get used to your new habits, move on to Phase Two which encourages you to exercise more and eliminate at least six problem foods like pastries, fries and sodas. Phase Three is about developing weight loss skills. Recipes and sample plans are presented but the focus is still on moderation.

Reference:  Mitch Felipe  ( E-mail the author at mitchfelipe@gmail.com )


What exercise really does to your heart – 2 February 6, 2009

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There is a good effect if you exercise frequently.  Exercise causes the heart to get stronger, enabling it to move more blood with each heart beat. It takes fewer beats to get you through the day. With the heart rate drop, the heart is able to enjoy a well-deserved rest.  Exercise also removes “bad” LDL cholesterol from the blood, reduces triglycerides and increases “good” HDL cholesterol.

Exercise wards off stress, builds endurance, prevents bone-thinning or osteoporosis. Importantly, it reduces blood pressure and blood sugar.  Exercise  stimulates the release of endorphins or the “feel-good hormones”. It is one good antidote for depression. It is an instituted  fact that depression increases the risk of heart attacks by 50% or even higher.

Some asked, what is the exercise should you dig yourself into? For how long and how hard?

You need not be a gym addict to be fit. Generally, 30 minutes of moderate exercise like brisk walking, five times a week, or 20 minutes of more vigorous exercise, like cycling or jogging, thrice a week is recommended. Exercise need not be a humdrum, but rather, a pleasurable activity.

For those who have heart disease, a stress test may be needed so a safe level of exercise can be set. Your attending physician will advise you on your corresponding physical activity level. While more isn’t necessarily better, none may be worse than you will ever imagine.  Little sweat a day can definitely work wonders. Investing in exercise not just for the short term but as regular daily routine is assured to give you the highest return: a healthy heart!

Ref: Dr. Ma. Belem Carisma, Cardiologist and President of the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) visit http://www.philheart.org or e-mail secretariat@philheart.org.

What exercise really does to your heart – 1 February 2, 2009

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Good morning everybody.  Many people have heart ailment specially those who are in the age of 40 and above.  Exercise is the best thing to do.


Investing in your heart through regular exercise is certain to give back everything you’ve put into it. 


You may neither really care about firm, sexy abs, nor would you care about increasing your muscle power. But there’s certainly one muscle you simply cannot ignore: your heart muscle.


Daily physical inactivity or lack of exercise was one of the nine risk factors responsible for 90% of first heart attacks among the 30,000 respondents spread across 52 countries in the Interheart study. Among heart attack survivors who regularly exercised, 90% were more likely to be alive seven years after their heart attack compared to those who remained inactive.  Exercise is,  a worthwhile investment, whether one has had, or has not yet had, a heart attack.


The protective effect of exercise was found by investigators to be due to the production of a substance called vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) that encourages new blood vessels to grow to supply muscle fibers. These muscle fibers are then able to switch from what is known as anaerobic metabolism (one that uses sugar for energy) to aerobic metabolism (one that needs oxygen to work through the breakdown of fats for energy).

Ref: Dr. Ma. Belem Carisma, Cardiologist and President of the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) visit http://www.philheart.org or e-mail secretariat@philheart.org.


Natural ways to lower blood pressure – 1 January 5, 2009

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In going about the business of living, one thing is certain. The constant routine that structures our life may at times need a little fine-tuning. Much like a radio when we are searching for the perfect frequency, there is a desire to get the sound just right.

Here are things that may be small but could impact your health and well-being. They may make you feel better and, possibly, even save your life.

Lower your blood pressure naturally

If you are one of unlucky millions whose blood pressure soars beyond the normal, take heart. There is always hope.

Did you know there are natural ways to control your blood pressure? Tell your doctor you plan to use natural medicine in combination with convention therapy. Here’s how:

Take magnesium supplements. Studies have shown that this mineral, which is found in milk, yoghurt and kefir (a potent probiotic milk protein food), neutralizes stress-induced hormones that hike blood pressure. Take your daily dosage of magnesium or drink half a cup of kefir twice daily. This also calms the nerves and promotes good sleep.

Lose weight. By shedding 10 lb, you will instantly lower your blood pressure.

Walk daily for 30-45 minutes. Regular exercise releases feel-good hormones and promotes weight loss.

Meditate. Prayer and meditation are proven to reduce stress.


Ref: dailyinquirer/Cory Quirino – World of Wellness, the health, beauty and wellness

100 ways to burn 100 calories – 1 December 10, 2008

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Good morning to every one.  As we all know Christmas is just around the corner.  Some are preparing for the stuff to buy, what food will be serve and some are preparing to burn calories now.  They thought of that for the preparation of craving much good food.  Irresistible time when Christmas is already there. 

Tired of battling the post holiday bulge?  This season, try trimming yourself instead of just the tree.

Okay, that’s it. You’re tired of that tire, fed up with that flab.  You’re going to burn off that belly and keep it off—for good.  Even if you’ve made your New Year’s resolution, and by gum, this time you’re going to stick to it.

Way to go.  Only one problem.  It’s not New Year’s yet.

It’s December, a month when even the most dedicated exercisers can fall off their schedules.  You’re staring down a long stretch of 31 days filled with parties and family gatherings, tray of cheese puffs and cocktail weenies.  This is not an easy time to jump-start your workout or begin a whole new training regimen.  Especially when you can always mumble,  “Well, there’s always next month…,” while choking down another sleigh-shaped butter cooked.

And burning calories doesn’t only take place in a gym.  Even if you’re slacking off this month or putting aside your exercise plans until the new year, you can still start losing weight.  Painlessly.  Here are 100 ways to burn 100 calories.

Let me continue this because I will be preparing all so that you can do it as soon as possible before Christmas comes……


Ref: men’shealth

Treat Your Back Well This Season – 2 October 24, 2008

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Women are at a higher risk for osteoporosis, especially when they reach the menopausal stage because hormonal changes increase the rate of bone loss.  Since there are no signs and symptoms of osteoporosis, prevention is still the key.

Among the preventive measures you can adopt are diet and physical activity.  Calcium is an absolute requirement of bone health.  And milk is one of the best sources of calcium.  Adults have to drink non-fat milk because it contains the essential calcium without  the fat that is not much needed any more by the body.

Exercise is critical to bone maintenance.  But don’t just take on an aerobic routine without consulting your doctor.  You may do you bones more harm than good.  Now, when you start getting calcium supplement and exercise upon your physician’s recommendation, it would be good to follow these tips in order to cut down strain and injury to your bones.

As I am going to share you the tips I will put some pictures so that you will be aware of how it will be done.

How to wash dishes/iron clothes.  Put one foot up on a small stall.  This way the back thigh forms an angle of about 135o , minimizing stress on the back.

How to lift heavy objects.  Bend at the knee, grasp the load close to your body, then push straight up with you legs.  Also, do not lift a heavy object from a very low position to a very high position in one immediate swoop.  You might lose your balance and cause injury to your bone.

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