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Healthy Snacking for Adults (1) April 24, 2009

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Good morning everybody.  As we grow old, we love to eat everything.  Even if we don’t feel hungry, we eat a lot.  The metabolism of an adult person gets slow.  Even they eat many, they will not feel full for some time.  That’s why most of adults were all fat. An article written by Joan Sumpio says that ..”You are What You Eat.”  This simply means that your physical looks tell you that  how much you eat.

As obesity and over-weight issues take their toll on people, many are seriously considering to go on a diet that will help them have slimmer bodies. Others are not necessarily getting into very rigid programs but are simply adopting a three-times-a-day diet plan, meaning no snacks in between main meals to cut off calorie intake. But snacking isn’t really bad at all. In fact, mini meals several times a day can help manage hunger and reduce bingeing. Eating healthy foods for snacks like low fat cracker and fruits may stop you from taking second or third servings at your next meal, dramatically cutting main meal calories. The key to incorporating snacks into your weight-loss program is to plan them with variety, moderation, and balance in mind. Here are some of the best snack picks:

•Breads or crackers made with whole grains. These foods are beneficial because foods made with whole grains have all the important nutrients of the entire grain seeds. They have fiber, thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), folate, iron, magnesium, and selenium. In looking for foods with whole grains, you can look for any of the following in the ingredient lists: Amaranth, Barley, Buckwheat, Corn, Millet, Oats, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Rye, Sorghum, Teff, Triticale, and Wheat.

How Low Can You Go (1) March 30, 2009

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Good morning to all.  Summer is coming now.  So everybody were planning to have their vacation, some planned to go to the beaches.  It’s a good thing that we could look good with that sexy bottle like body.  We will have no shameful feeling when we have to wear the bikini.  But it’s not the only reason, the important is that it will help our health to be good.  I was reading one magazine and Phillip Rhodes has good tips which I want to share it with you all.

Research in the Journal of Nutrition say a diet that combines low-carb and low-fat approaches may be better for your health than either diet alone.  Reason number one:  It works.  In a study of 20 adults, those on a low-carb/low-fat diet and those on a traditional low-fat diet each lost 6 percent of their body weight in 6 weeks.  Reason two:  Several of the traditional low-fat dieters dropped out due to “unendurable hunger,”  while the low-carb/low-fat dieters were able to stick with their protein-heavy plan.  “Protein is considered the most satiating nutrient.”  Reason three:  Neither group saw a spike in cholesterol levels, a common side effect of many popular low-carb diets (which often come with a high saturated-fat and cholesterol price tag).

Healthier salt to spice our dish (1) February 20, 2009

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Good morning everybody.  We Filipinos were much particular in taste when it comes to cooking foods.  We made sure that our food will tastes good that’s why we always use salt.  There is some kind of salt that does not good for the heart.  Iodize salt is good.

Salt,  is not only a flavor enhancer and a food preservative, it is also an essential nutrient needed by our body.  The sodium present in salt is important in maintaining blood volume and blood pressure, in the regulation of water balance, transmission of nerve impulses and other vital functions.  The 5 grams of salt is always never followed.

Salt is one of the major culprits in developing high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, stomach cancer, osteoporosis and kidney disease, among others.

Health authorities have been clamoring for further reductions of salt in processed foods as well as better labeling of salt on food products so more people could make changes to their own diet and reduce their salt intake.

There can always be an alternative for salt.

A Finnish professor Heikki Karppanen was able to develop a mineral salt product containing a reduced amount of sodium. Instead he added potassium and magnesium to provide the salty taste.  Karppanen became involved in the study of salt and its harmful effects after he learned about the high incidence of heart attacks that lead to deaths among families in his hometown. 

Reference:  Charles E. Buban …  Read the best, Philippine Daily Inquirer


To lose weight, be in control of food (1) February 12, 2009

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Good morning everybody.  Almost all of us were aiming to lose weight and get sexy especially to women.  The tendency of us when we are doing nothing is that we tend to eat.  Maybe not a hard food.  Some are eating while they are reading books, some are eating while they are watching  TV, some are eating while they are playing games in the computer.  We love to eat.  But all of us should be aware and should always be in control when eating, especially those fatty foods.


Before you start reading a diet book, apply weight loss approaches which have been successful for many people.   There are many books on weight loss that can teach you how to control your food eating.  There is this Bob Greene’s approach in his book “The Best Life Diet”.  It is easier to follow since it gives more time to gradually adjust to your new lifestyle. This is applicable to busy people who might not commit to a gym schedule or structured diet right away.


In Phase One, focus on eating breakfast, avoiding extra snacks and not eating two hours before you sleep and increasing daily physical activities like walking. This is more double than limiting the amount of food intake right away. Once you get used to your new habits, move on to Phase Two which encourages you to exercise more and eliminate at least six problem foods like pastries, fries and sodas. Phase Three is about developing weight loss skills. Recipes and sample plans are presented but the focus is still on moderation.

Reference:  Mitch Felipe  ( E-mail the author at mitchfelipe@gmail.com )


Benefits of Ginger Tea (2) February 9, 2009

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If you are constipated, get the yellowish sap nearest the skin. Eating a small piece can regulate bowel movement.

When buying aloe vera extract, make sure the label says it contains 70-percent aloe vera. And as for beauty products, any concentration from 40 percent up is good. Anything lower than this renders the product ineffective.

Healing foods

There are foods that help you heal faster. The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery warns all health-conscious individuals that a diet poor in protein and carbohydrates may not help one’s illness heal faster.   Few pure vegetarians who underwent chemical peel to smoothen skin developed scars.

Other nutrients required: Vitamins A, B, C, K. There is absolutely nothing wrong with vegetables especially if you juice them.

Pain relief

There are natural pain triggers. For arthritic pain: corn, wheat, pork, oranges, milk, oats, rye, eggs, beef, coffee, cheese, tomato, peanuts, sugar, butter, lamb, lemon, soy beans. Headaches: caffeine, chocolate, yogurt, nuts, cured meats, MSG, citrus fruits, aspartame, artificial sweetener.

In order to check your sensitivity, get rid of one food from your diet for one week. Then check how you feel.

Ginger sip

Grate three small pieces of peeled ginger. Pour boiling water on it over a strainer. Drink up. This spicy tea can be a remedy for arthritis, headaches and indigestion.

Bath rub

Rub slices of fresh aloe vera on your face and body. Soak in a hot tub for six minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Reference: Inner Cleansing Cures; FE & A Medical Publishing

Wellness not only proper diet, exercise – 1 January 26, 2009

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MOST people believe that wellness is simply about eating the right food, taking a walk and inheriting good genes.

Here are the answer to the numerous questions on wellness.

Q: I am male, 45 years old. Last year, I had a heart attack and underwent by-pass surgery. How is it possible when it is not in my family history?

Neglect and abuse can lead to heart problems.  The factors leading up to heart ailments include: No exercise, high-fat diet, overwork/stress, excessive drinking, smoking, fatigue/exhaustion and sleepless nights.

The recommended heart care regimen includes: diet rich in vegetables, regular exercise/brisk walking, meditation/non-stressful routines (yoga, tai chi) and regular intake of vitamin and mineral supplements, especially magnesium, potassium and coenzyme Q10.

Q: Could you help me lose 10 lbs without surgery before Christmas?

If you’re serious about losing 10 lbs in one month, it can be done. But commitment is needed. Here’s what you can do:

Throw out/give away all the junk food in your kitchen, night table and refrigerator.
Consume vegetables and fruits, high-fiber breads/pasta, lemon, olive oil and virgin coco oil.

Eat regular meals. Don’t skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. Take two tablespoons of virgin coco oil before breakfast. Eat only one-half of your usual intake of rice/bread/pasta. Eat more fish or chicken.

Enroll in a group class at the gym or brisk-walk/jog/run daily for 30 minutes.

Take your probiotics.

Ref:  Cory Quirino of World of Wellness


Carbo, protein can cause weight gain – 1 January 2, 2009

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Natural fat is best. Eggs, animal meats, butter, cheeses, vegetable oils all contain fat. But it’s considered natural for they are not substitutes. This kind of fat isn’t harmful to the body when taken in moderation.

What is considered deadly is processed fat which can be found in hydrogenated oils and overheated fat as in fried foods.

If disease is caused by inflammation, a diet of anti-inflammatory foods can prevent and treat disease. This is based on an article entitled “Effects of Lipids on Cancer Therapy” by C. Patrick Burns, MD, and Arthur Spector, MD. Increase your intake of Omega-3 fats (fish oils).

Fish fat is good for the heart and brain. At any rate, the rule is eat a little bit of everything.

Starvation diets don’t work. This can upset your internal system of burning fuel which your body needs regularly. So if your body runs on food as fuel, don’t wonder why you feel weak each time you withhold food. Withdrawal from food leads to overeating. So, the best way to diet is to eat regularly.

Carbo = protein. They have the same calories. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, don’t combine them. Eating both carbo and protein can cause weight gain, unless you exercise regularly.

Sweets are irresistible. And I am referring to sweetness versus real sugar. If you need to sweeten your coffee/tea, try coco sugar/coco honey fresh from the nectar of coconut or honey which is packed with anti-bacterial properties.

Honey mask

Start the day with 1 tbsp of honey after 2 glasses of warm water. Add one extra tbsp of honey and rub it on your face. It is a soothing balm for the face.

Note: If you wish to avoid artificial sweeteners (as studies have connected these to headaches and weight gain), read the label of the product carefully. If you have an addiction to sugar, cut back on your carbohydrate intake.

Ref: dailyinquirer

Goodbye 2008 . . . goodbye fatty food :) December 31, 2008

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Vitamin B12 neutralizes MSG December 27, 2008

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SCIENTIFIC knowledge is out there but is not being translated into clinical settings, according to Bill Faloon, editor of Life Extension Magazine based in the United States.

Medicine today is challenged to focus on prevention rather than just cure, teach patients to be more cooperative with their doctors, and seek better ways to improve the quality of life of patients.

Wrong food

Eating the wrong kind of food increases one’s risk of contracting a disease. Conversely, having a healthy diet promotes a long and youthful life. For example: Cancer cells in your body will multiply if you continue to eat the wrong food such as sweets, protein and processed goods. However, they will decrease and eventually die if you consume highly alkaline food like vegetables and fruits. The following will feed/increase your cancer and vascular risks: steak, baked potato, fatty salad dressing and green dessert.

Why? If the steak is not organic, chances are it is loaded with monosodium glutamate, considered a nerve toxic; vegetable oil in the dressing (soybean, soya, corn, sunflower) is high in omega-six fatty acid, which is converted into arachidonic acid by the body and causes inflammation; if the vegetables are not organic, they may be laced with pesticides.

Avoid fatty dairy products, organs and red meat. Eat more fish and fish oil to increase omega-three intake. Other sources: flaxseed oil and virgin olive oil (Some olive oils are mixed with other oils to bring down the selling price).

Ref: dailyinquirer