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Rocket Fuel for the Body – 2 November 1, 2008

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Good day to all!  I’m going to continue my sharing of this health to everyone.  I hope that you will be following me.

A lot of sports drinks are good only for one specific purpose or the other, but not both.  The best is a drink that has a pleasant taste and high levels of suitable energy that can be absorbed quickly, one that gets directly into your bloodstream and immediately into your hardworking muscles where  you need it.  Drinking bottomless iced tea is a great way to fill oneself with liquid, but sadly, this would just sit in your stomach and bloat you.  Yo need something that can be absorbed immediately, and luckily about 12 years ago, A UK Company, High5, found just that.  Its research showed that by cleverly mixing fructose with glucose to form “High5 Energy Source” they were able to produce a race winning formula that is effectively a liquid carbohydrate that can be immediately carried to you muscles.

This drink enables athletes to hydrate and refuel optimally.  Personal experience has also convinced me of its effectiveness, as I have been using this for over ten years while doing running and jogging. 

The UK company has also created Isotonic, the ideal and best selling High5 drink in the Philippines.  Isotonic delivers up to 70 percent mor carbohydrate to the working muscles, enabling one to race harder and longer.  It is interesting to note that other sports drinks manufacturers have at last realized the importance of sing a combination of glucose and fructose, and now, a decade later, are starting to produce similar mixes.  But they have yet to produce the same swift transfer of the drink to the muscles by glucose carriers that High5 is famous for.