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Get the Stress Out December 18, 2008

Posted by paripl110707 in Mental Stress, Neck Relaxation, Regular Breaks, Simple Plan, Stress Out, Unhealthy Habits, Work Style.
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Sitting in a chair all day can be much more stressful than it seems.  Mental stress can lodge itself in your shoulders, back, eyes and head.

Here’s simple plan for adapting your work style to one that’s better for your mind and body:

● Watch for unhealthy habits.  When you’re on the phone, do you use your chin to pin the receiver against your shoulder?  Do you lunch over the keyboard when you’re typing?  Are you accustomed to using your legs to drag yourself, seated in your swivel chair, across your office to retrieve your mail?  All of these unnatural movements—when repeated day after day—can lead to muscle strain and soreness.

● Relax your neck.  This is often the fris place you feel stress.  Try this:  Extend your right arm over your head and grasp your neck just below your left ear.  Now gently pull your head toward your right shoulder and hold for a moment.  Repeat with your left arm, pulling your head toward your left shoulder.

● Take regular breaks.  If your job requires you to stay in the same position for long periods, or if you repeat the same motion continuously, take one-minute breaks every 15 minutes.  Stand up, stretch against a wall, go for a walk—anything to get the blood flowing again.


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