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How safe are herbal supplements? (2) August 9, 2009

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I knew one story of a woman who was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors prescribed her to undergo a chemotherapy. But then her friend told her stories of people cured by herbs.  So she decided to try the herbal therapy. Several months after taking the herbal teas she said she was feeling much better. But then she died soon after.

We have heard of herbals that used to be “miracle cures” of this or that disease. The fads didn’t last long, however. Now these miracle cures are no more.

I’m sure that some of you heard the mahogany seeds.  They said that the mahogany seeds lowered blood pressure. The mahogany seed was the rage only about a decade ago.

There is this story of one journalist who started chewing the seeds because he heard of the story about the mahogany seeds.  And he believe that it will cure him, so he tried that.  The seed was turned out to be toxic to human.  And it was banned.  But it was too late for that journalist.

It is the same thing with other herbals. Some plants really have medicinal value. Indeed, many medicines are taken from plants. But separating the medicinal ingredients from other parts of the plant is one thing; taking the whole plant or its leaves as a tea is another.

A plant or a leaf has many chemical properties. The medicinal property may be only one, but there may be many others that could be harmful. Herbals should be taken with caution because we don’t know the harmful ingredients they contain. Studies must first be made before a certain plant is prescribed as medicine.

Natural ways to lower blood pressure – 1 January 5, 2009

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In going about the business of living, one thing is certain. The constant routine that structures our life may at times need a little fine-tuning. Much like a radio when we are searching for the perfect frequency, there is a desire to get the sound just right.

Here are things that may be small but could impact your health and well-being. They may make you feel better and, possibly, even save your life.

Lower your blood pressure naturally

If you are one of unlucky millions whose blood pressure soars beyond the normal, take heart. There is always hope.

Did you know there are natural ways to control your blood pressure? Tell your doctor you plan to use natural medicine in combination with convention therapy. Here’s how:

Take magnesium supplements. Studies have shown that this mineral, which is found in milk, yoghurt and kefir (a potent probiotic milk protein food), neutralizes stress-induced hormones that hike blood pressure. Take your daily dosage of magnesium or drink half a cup of kefir twice daily. This also calms the nerves and promotes good sleep.

Lose weight. By shedding 10 lb, you will instantly lower your blood pressure.

Walk daily for 30-45 minutes. Regular exercise releases feel-good hormones and promotes weight loss.

Meditate. Prayer and meditation are proven to reduce stress.


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