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Treat Your Back Well This Season – 2 October 24, 2008

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Women are at a higher risk for osteoporosis, especially when they reach the menopausal stage because hormonal changes increase the rate of bone loss.  Since there are no signs and symptoms of osteoporosis, prevention is still the key.

Among the preventive measures you can adopt are diet and physical activity.  Calcium is an absolute requirement of bone health.  And milk is one of the best sources of calcium.  Adults have to drink non-fat milk because it contains the essential calcium without  the fat that is not much needed any more by the body.

Exercise is critical to bone maintenance.  But don’t just take on an aerobic routine without consulting your doctor.  You may do you bones more harm than good.  Now, when you start getting calcium supplement and exercise upon your physician’s recommendation, it would be good to follow these tips in order to cut down strain and injury to your bones.

As I am going to share you the tips I will put some pictures so that you will be aware of how it will be done.

How to wash dishes/iron clothes.  Put one foot up on a small stall.  This way the back thigh forms an angle of about 135o , minimizing stress on the back.

How to lift heavy objects.  Bend at the knee, grasp the load close to your body, then push straight up with you legs.  Also, do not lift a heavy object from a very low position to a very high position in one immediate swoop.  You might lose your balance and cause injury to your bone.

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