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Benefits of Ginger Tea (2) February 9, 2009

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If you are constipated, get the yellowish sap nearest the skin. Eating a small piece can regulate bowel movement.

When buying aloe vera extract, make sure the label says it contains 70-percent aloe vera. And as for beauty products, any concentration from 40 percent up is good. Anything lower than this renders the product ineffective.

Healing foods

There are foods that help you heal faster. The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery warns all health-conscious individuals that a diet poor in protein and carbohydrates may not help one’s illness heal faster.   Few pure vegetarians who underwent chemical peel to smoothen skin developed scars.

Other nutrients required: Vitamins A, B, C, K. There is absolutely nothing wrong with vegetables especially if you juice them.

Pain relief

There are natural pain triggers. For arthritic pain: corn, wheat, pork, oranges, milk, oats, rye, eggs, beef, coffee, cheese, tomato, peanuts, sugar, butter, lamb, lemon, soy beans. Headaches: caffeine, chocolate, yogurt, nuts, cured meats, MSG, citrus fruits, aspartame, artificial sweetener.

In order to check your sensitivity, get rid of one food from your diet for one week. Then check how you feel.

Ginger sip

Grate three small pieces of peeled ginger. Pour boiling water on it over a strainer. Drink up. This spicy tea can be a remedy for arthritis, headaches and indigestion.

Bath rub

Rub slices of fresh aloe vera on your face and body. Soak in a hot tub for six minutes. Rinse with cool water.

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