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Benefits of Ginger Tea (1) February 8, 2009

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Many of us love nuts.  Some says that nuts makes the memory sharp.  That’s why some parents asked their children to eat nuts before going to take an examination.  Nuts (without salt or sugar) contain mono and polyunsaturated fats which are good for insulin sensitivity and serum cholesterol. So if your blood sugar is high, eat at least five pieces of almonds or walnuts daily.

Cornstarch isn’t just for making gravy.  Cornstarch helps control high blood-sugar levels. It could even prevent an attack of hypoglycemia.  It is effective for type 1 diabetics prone to low blood-glucose levels.  Diabetics who consume a mixture of uncooked cornstarch in a drink without sugar (milk or sugar-free soda) find themselves waking up in the morning with fewer problems. Ask your doctor about this natural solution.

Controlling cough

Heartburn is often the culprit for one in every 10 chronic coughers. Solution? Eat a banana, which is a great acid neutralizer. Or expel the toxins:

Have a bowl of hot soup. This can loosen mucus.
Drink warm liquids and water. Avoid ice-cold beverages.
Take a hot shower or steam bath.
Take olive leaf extract, a syrupy health tonic that will ease your itchy throat and speed up healing time. Call 0922-8820575.
Stop smoking.

Beauty and first aid

Aloe vera has many uses. The clear jelly-like sap is good for insect bites, cuts and burns. An anti-inflammatory, it is also a good oral suppository.

Reference: Inner Cleansing Cures; FE & A Medical Publishing

Pomegranate helps you lower your Blood pressure levels November 7, 2008

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Good afternoon friends!  I was reading one book here and i found something to share with you.  I’m sure it will help you a lot.

Yes, we read about Pomegranate earlier in the post about 4 Natural Super Foods.. In this post, lets see how Pomegranate can help you fight from high blood pressure to cancer.


Pomegranates protects you from High Blood Pressure and Cancer

Pomegranates are known to have high amounts of antioxidants, anti-carcinogenics, anti-inflammatory and even antimicrobial properties. Lets see how Pomegranates help us stay fit.

High Blood Pressure: Ideal Blood pressure levels are known to be 80/120. When given to patients with high blood pressure, pomegranate juice is known to have dropped systolic numbers.

Prostate and Breast Cancer: Pomegranate juice and extract is known to trigger the death of both prostate and breast cancer cells which are cancerious in nature. Try drinking 2 glasses of Pomegranate juice or have 1 full pomegranate if you are one of those who suffers from Prostate or Breast Cancer.