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Free Wheeling March 7, 2009

Posted by paripl110707 in Balance Lose, Successful Coast, Teaching Techniques, Teaching your kids.
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Good morning everybody.  Teaching your kids doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.  They might having a hard time to learn but the result, they will love and enjoy it.

Take a shortcut  you’ll toss the training wheels faster by using these techniques to teach your kids how to ride.

Using a hill is better than using the holding-on method because the slope supplies the momentum which makes the bike more stable and lets your child concentrate on the key thing-balance.

  Lower the seat so your child can put both feet on the ground while sitting.  Find a grassy slope about 20 yards long and just sleep enough so the bike will coast, and hold the bike while he hops on.

  let go and tell him to lift his feet and coast without pedaling.  If the loses balance, he can easily put a foot down.

  After a few successful coasts, raise the seat for some downhill rides.  Then go to a flat field to practice maneuvers like pedaling, turning, braking, and starting from standstill.

Photo courtesy:  farm4.static.flickr