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Stretch your body March 10, 2009

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Many of us are very lazy to have an exercise.  It is very good to your health.  The reason why others don’t like to have a daily exercise was that they said that when they exercise, they fell pain.  And sometime you have to enroll in a gym just to boost the feeling of exercising.  But exercise need  not be painful, expensive or complicated.   There is one exercise which everyone can do it easily without complaining of anything.  That is stretching.  Stretching is one form of exercise.  That is very simple to do but so  effective. There are some few guidelines to follow:

(1) Try to wear slack and comfortable clothes  to get the maximum stretching.  (2) Start from the top and move downward. Bend from side to side, then front to back.  (3) Do each movement slowly and move with the flow. Relax and feel each tense area being stretched and rejuvenated.  (4) Breathe deeply and slowly.  (5) A good stretch is achieved by alternately moving shoulders up and down.  (6) Raise your arms upward, clasp them together and move your neck up and down, and side to side. Feel the stretch in the neck area become more intense.  (7) Raise the right arm and bend to the left and do the reverse. Feel the stretch along the side of your body.  (8) Raise arms forward and stretch them, opening them wide. Draw them in slowly, then spread them out again.  (9) Bend down forward and shake your shoulders while in downward pose. This will help relax the back and shoulders.  (10)  As you stretch the arm or leg muscles, don’t forget to also stretch the eye muscles by looking in different directions.  (11)  Before you get out of bed in the morning, you can do the cat and dog stretch to keep the spine supple and flexible. Get on all fours and alternately arch and move your head down to the chest, then stretch and look upward.  (12) Stretch the different parts of the body with gentle movements every chance you get. – R. Valencia S. Bismark