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Treat Your Back Well This Season – 3 October 25, 2008

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How to pick up objects from the floor.  Don’t bend from the waist.  Bend from the knees and straighten up from the knees as well.  Keep one foot a little in from of the other for better balance.

How to sit on chair.  Seed to it that your knew are higher than your hips while keeping both feet firmly on the floor.  If the seat is too high, place your feet on a foot rest or if this in not available.  An old telephone directory will do.  Your spine should press against the chair’s back.  When your work requires you to sit for long periods of time, stand up every 30 to 40 minutes and take a few steps around the office.

How to make the bed.  Again, do not bend at the waist.  Kneel on the floor when putting the sheets on or pulling them up.  If you want to smooth the cores, kneel on the bed with one leg and keep the other foot on the floor.

How to sleep.  Put a pillow under the knee if you’re sleeping on your back.  This preserves the spinal column’s natural “s” curve.    Sleeping on your side takes the pressure off your back.  Never sleep on your stomach as this will force your back to arch for hours. 

How to stand in line.  Stand with your legs slightly bent, feet apart with one foot a few inches forward.  Keep your shoulders high but relaxed.  Change position every few minutes to rest muscles.  Don’t stand with your knees locked and your feet too close together.

How to drive.  Since most car seats are too soft and poorly contoured to support the back, consider buying an inexpensive, foldable back support.  Otherwise, place a rolled up towel behind the lower back when driving.  Also, move the car seat forward so that your knees are higher that your hips.  This war, your arms bend while driving, taking off pressure on your back and hyperextension of the spine is prevented.

How to put on make-up.  Buy a mirror that you can pull close enough to you when putting on your makeup by your dressing table so that you don’t have to lean forward and strain your back.