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Rocket Fuel for the Body – 3 November 2, 2008

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More complex drinks are also available, including a partial protein drink developed primarily for cyclists.  This is called 4.1 since you drink four parts of liquid carbohydrates with one part protein, thus avoiding the muscular breakdown and damage during the ride.  Full protein drinks are also great to boost your recovery after any exercise, or after a long hard run or ride.

Finally, there’s also a face-specific drink: Energy Source Extreme, which has liquid carbs, electrolytes and (fully legal) stimulants to bring your performance to another level and to boost your performance when you’re just about to give up at the end of a long hard race.  The important thing to remember is that whatever your chosen sport, you need fuel and liquid – and in this hot country, you’ll have to have both in large quantities. So what you need is a balance product with a pleasant taste that you’d want to drink even when your body is screaming at you and your heart rate is going through the roof.  You train hard for your sports, so give your body the best opportunity to support you fully during your event through your commitment to fuel and hydrating drinks.

Rocket Fuel for the Body – 1 October 30, 2008

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All of us are aware that our body needs an energy drink.  But what kind of energy drink should we take?  How to chose the energy drink that best suits your body and your chosen sport.

When it comes to sports drinks, it’s never a case of one size fits all.  An older athlete weighing some 100 kilos will require a different drink from say, a younger sportsman who weighs only 50 kilos.  And depending on your sport and intensity, your body’s requirement varies.  A golfer and gym rat might do better than share a common sports drink.

But the principle remains the same: as with normal food intake, one needs sufficient fuel and liquids to keep the body performing without being weighed down by excess.  If you’re exercising, your energy boost may come from your last meal or that latte you had earlier in the afternoon.  Depending on the duration and intensity of your exercise routine, this might be sufficient.  However, somewhere around the 50-minute mark, you are likely to begin suffering from (a) noticeable dehydration, and (b) loss of energy reserves.  Now if you’re just doing an hour in the gym, this poses no problem because you can always take a recovery juice, a chocolate milk or a protein drink afterwards.

Aside from the intensity of your sport, you must also consider the temperature in this hot country, water intake is crucial as one can lose, liters of sweat by the hour.  This loss must be replaced, and while an electrolyte drink can do the job, this on its own does not serve the purpose of effectively replacing your ever depleting energy source.  You would need to drink something else to do both jobs.