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100 ways to burn 100 calories – 2 December 11, 2008

Posted by paripl110707 in Chop wood, Hike outdoor, Hum a song, Intense aerobics, Play racquetball, Scuba-dive, Ski-down, Skip rope, Stationary rower, Swim a few laps, Travel underwater, Tread water, Walk uphill.
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In the shortest time possible

Less than 5 minutes

 Chop wood continuously for four minutes, 22 seconds.

  Run a five-minute mile.  (You’ll have burned 100 by 4 ½ minutes.)

► Jump on a stationary bike and ride it at a pace of 20 MPH for four minutes, 52 seconds.

Less than 10 minutes

► Hum the theme song to Rocky as you skip rope for 9 ½ minutes.

► Hike the great outdoors with at least 22 pounds in yur backpack for nine minutes, 15 seconds.

► Play racquetball for seven minutes, 17 seconds.

► Swim a few laps of your favorite stroke (back, breast or butterfly); eight minute or less, depending on the stroke.

► Travel underwater instead of on top of it and you can burn calories even faster.  Scuba-dive for seven minutes, 11 seconds.

► Hit few on the tennis court:  Play for nine minutes.

Less than 15 minutes

► Ski down an advanced slope.

► Tread water for 14 ½ minutes.

► Snorkel in a pool and kick at a moderate pace (14 minutes, five seconds).

► Use a stationary rower for 11 minutes.

► Hit the weights for 13 minutes.

► Take an intense aerobics class and enjoy the scenery for 11 minutes, eight seconds.

► Walk uphill for 13 minutes.

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