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Rocket Fuel for the Body – 3 November 2, 2008

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More complex drinks are also available, including a partial protein drink developed primarily for cyclists.  This is called 4.1 since you drink four parts of liquid carbohydrates with one part protein, thus avoiding the muscular breakdown and damage during the ride.  Full protein drinks are also great to boost your recovery after any exercise, or after a long hard run or ride.

Finally, there’s also a face-specific drink: Energy Source Extreme, which has liquid carbs, electrolytes and (fully legal) stimulants to bring your performance to another level and to boost your performance when you’re just about to give up at the end of a long hard race.  The important thing to remember is that whatever your chosen sport, you need fuel and liquid – and in this hot country, you’ll have to have both in large quantities. So what you need is a balance product with a pleasant taste that you’d want to drink even when your body is screaming at you and your heart rate is going through the roof.  You train hard for your sports, so give your body the best opportunity to support you fully during your event through your commitment to fuel and hydrating drinks.