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Carbo, protein can cause weight gain – 1 January 2, 2009

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Natural fat is best. Eggs, animal meats, butter, cheeses, vegetable oils all contain fat. But it’s considered natural for they are not substitutes. This kind of fat isn’t harmful to the body when taken in moderation.

What is considered deadly is processed fat which can be found in hydrogenated oils and overheated fat as in fried foods.

If disease is caused by inflammation, a diet of anti-inflammatory foods can prevent and treat disease. This is based on an article entitled “Effects of Lipids on Cancer Therapy” by C. Patrick Burns, MD, and Arthur Spector, MD. Increase your intake of Omega-3 fats (fish oils).

Fish fat is good for the heart and brain. At any rate, the rule is eat a little bit of everything.

Starvation diets don’t work. This can upset your internal system of burning fuel which your body needs regularly. So if your body runs on food as fuel, don’t wonder why you feel weak each time you withhold food. Withdrawal from food leads to overeating. So, the best way to diet is to eat regularly.

Carbo = protein. They have the same calories. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, don’t combine them. Eating both carbo and protein can cause weight gain, unless you exercise regularly.

Sweets are irresistible. And I am referring to sweetness versus real sugar. If you need to sweeten your coffee/tea, try coco sugar/coco honey fresh from the nectar of coconut or honey which is packed with anti-bacterial properties.

Honey mask

Start the day with 1 tbsp of honey after 2 glasses of warm water. Add one extra tbsp of honey and rub it on your face. It is a soothing balm for the face.

Note: If you wish to avoid artificial sweeteners (as studies have connected these to headaches and weight gain), read the label of the product carefully. If you have an addiction to sugar, cut back on your carbohydrate intake.

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