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A Change in Plans April 7, 2009

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If you don’t exercise at noon but you do at other times of the day, apply the same principles spelled out in “Eat the Clock”, but adjust them to fit  your schedule.  For example:

► If you exercise in the morning, have a larger dinner (a meat dish, with a side of pasta with red sauce, bread and salad) the night before.  The extra energy will carry over into the morning.  Then have a small snack and plenty of water early in the morning.  A piece of  fruit is fine.  Have a cup of coffee 30 minutes before you hit the gym, it you’re so inclined.  (If you have hypertension, check this out with your doctor first.)  after the workout, have another small dose of carbohydrate (a low-fat muffin, bagel, yogurt)  to replenish your energy stores.

  If you exercise right after work, make sure you have a little more protein at lunch, to provide the extra mental energy needed to get through the afternoon.  But don’t overdo it.  Sluggishness is more common in people who eat large midday meals.  These are the people you often find unconscious at their desks around 2 p.m, and applying for unemployment benefits shortly thereafter.  Have a small snack—a nut mix or a piece of fruit on the way to the gym.  Have a soft drink, too.  It has considerably less caffeine than coffee, so it’s less likely to keep you up at night, but it may pack enough of a jolt to perk you up.  For dinner, cut back on the meal, because you’ll be eating most of your protein at lunch.  Instead, beef up the meal with carbohydrate-rich pasta.

Stretch your body March 10, 2009

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Many of us are very lazy to have an exercise.  It is very good to your health.  The reason why others don’t like to have a daily exercise was that they said that when they exercise, they fell pain.  And sometime you have to enroll in a gym just to boost the feeling of exercising.  But exercise need  not be painful, expensive or complicated.   There is one exercise which everyone can do it easily without complaining of anything.  That is stretching.  Stretching is one form of exercise.  That is very simple to do but so  effective. There are some few guidelines to follow:

(1) Try to wear slack and comfortable clothes  to get the maximum stretching.  (2) Start from the top and move downward. Bend from side to side, then front to back.  (3) Do each movement slowly and move with the flow. Relax and feel each tense area being stretched and rejuvenated.  (4) Breathe deeply and slowly.  (5) A good stretch is achieved by alternately moving shoulders up and down.  (6) Raise your arms upward, clasp them together and move your neck up and down, and side to side. Feel the stretch in the neck area become more intense.  (7) Raise the right arm and bend to the left and do the reverse. Feel the stretch along the side of your body.  (8) Raise arms forward and stretch them, opening them wide. Draw them in slowly, then spread them out again.  (9) Bend down forward and shake your shoulders while in downward pose. This will help relax the back and shoulders.  (10)  As you stretch the arm or leg muscles, don’t forget to also stretch the eye muscles by looking in different directions.  (11)  Before you get out of bed in the morning, you can do the cat and dog stretch to keep the spine supple and flexible. Get on all fours and alternately arch and move your head down to the chest, then stretch and look upward.  (12) Stretch the different parts of the body with gentle movements every chance you get. – R. Valencia S. Bismark

To lose weight, be in control of food (1) February 12, 2009

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Good morning everybody.  Almost all of us were aiming to lose weight and get sexy especially to women.  The tendency of us when we are doing nothing is that we tend to eat.  Maybe not a hard food.  Some are eating while they are reading books, some are eating while they are watching  TV, some are eating while they are playing games in the computer.  We love to eat.  But all of us should be aware and should always be in control when eating, especially those fatty foods.


Before you start reading a diet book, apply weight loss approaches which have been successful for many people.   There are many books on weight loss that can teach you how to control your food eating.  There is this Bob Greene’s approach in his book “The Best Life Diet”.  It is easier to follow since it gives more time to gradually adjust to your new lifestyle. This is applicable to busy people who might not commit to a gym schedule or structured diet right away.


In Phase One, focus on eating breakfast, avoiding extra snacks and not eating two hours before you sleep and increasing daily physical activities like walking. This is more double than limiting the amount of food intake right away. Once you get used to your new habits, move on to Phase Two which encourages you to exercise more and eliminate at least six problem foods like pastries, fries and sodas. Phase Three is about developing weight loss skills. Recipes and sample plans are presented but the focus is still on moderation.

Reference:  Mitch Felipe  ( E-mail the author at mitchfelipe@gmail.com )


Sugar keeps bad breath away – 1 December 29, 2008

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IT’S gym day. But, you forgot to warm up and quickly lifted weights. Suddenly, you feel a sharp pain on your back.

Seek medical attention if pain persists for 2 to 3 days. Otherwise, do the following:

Stretch your back gently. A slow, careful stretch is the best way to get those muscles back in shape.

1. Sit on the floor. Bring your knees to your chest. Hug your folded legs closer to you. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Relax. Repeat 3 times.

2. Sit on a chair. Keep your back straight. Raise both feet above the floor by about one inch. Repeat.

3. Lie on your back on the floor. Lift your legs and place the heels on your feet flat against the wall. This ought to relieve you.

Practice good posture.

Tighten your abdominal muscles by contracting them as often as you can.

Roll ice on your back. Prepare in advance. Fill a paper cup with water. Freeze it. Remove the cup and use the iced water on your back. This is one roll massage you will not forget.

Take aspirin or paracetamol.

Increase your intake of magnesium to relax muscles.

Essential salt

Salt is essential to life. Without it, we would die from dehydration. It maintains fluid levels between the cells and blood.

Would you believe it is also necessary for healthy bones, teeth and muscles? There is simply nothing bad about salt unless you take more than what the body needs which is 500-1,000 milligrams or equivalent to ¼ – ½ teaspoon daily, according to nutrition experts. However, the average diet consists of 6,000-12,000 mg a day.

You are probably unaware of it but every time you buy anything processed, canned or baked, this already accounts for 75% of your daily equivalent. For example, a slice of bread, bowl of cornflakes, canned soup, instant noodles can contain 200-300 mg of salt. And if you’re fond of pickles, it’s a whopping 1,000 mg.

When cooking, use half of the amount required in the recipe. If you’re making pasta, don’t add salt because you will top it with cheese anyway. The tomato sauce you will use may already be seasoned with salt. Use more herbs and lemon as flavoring. Use real salt, not potassium chloride which may cause abnormal heart rhythms. Read labels carefully so you know what you are buying.

Ref: dailyinquirer

Rocket Fuel for the Body – 1 October 30, 2008

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All of us are aware that our body needs an energy drink.  But what kind of energy drink should we take?  How to chose the energy drink that best suits your body and your chosen sport.

When it comes to sports drinks, it’s never a case of one size fits all.  An older athlete weighing some 100 kilos will require a different drink from say, a younger sportsman who weighs only 50 kilos.  And depending on your sport and intensity, your body’s requirement varies.  A golfer and gym rat might do better than share a common sports drink.

But the principle remains the same: as with normal food intake, one needs sufficient fuel and liquids to keep the body performing without being weighed down by excess.  If you’re exercising, your energy boost may come from your last meal or that latte you had earlier in the afternoon.  Depending on the duration and intensity of your exercise routine, this might be sufficient.  However, somewhere around the 50-minute mark, you are likely to begin suffering from (a) noticeable dehydration, and (b) loss of energy reserves.  Now if you’re just doing an hour in the gym, this poses no problem because you can always take a recovery juice, a chocolate milk or a protein drink afterwards.

Aside from the intensity of your sport, you must also consider the temperature in this hot country, water intake is crucial as one can lose, liters of sweat by the hour.  This loss must be replaced, and while an electrolyte drink can do the job, this on its own does not serve the purpose of effectively replacing your ever depleting energy source.  You would need to drink something else to do both jobs.