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The most effective tool against lice – 2 January 9, 2009

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Cleaning the home environment

Some entomologists believe that you do not have to clean the home environment at all because head lice die very quickly once they are off the human head (within 36 to 48 hours). They are very slow moving off the head, and nits need a human blood meal within 45 minutes of hatching to survive.

Focus on all the possible areas that lice may transfer to during the course of the infested person’s day. These are the bed area, personal items, clothing, and any other possible lice breeding grounds. These areas should be treated. You need to be thorough in your inspection and cleaning to help prevent the lice from coming back.

1. Because lice are easily passed to another person within the same vicinity, start with other family members, especially those who sleep in the same bed as the lice-infested person.

2. All bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and pyjamas that have been recently worn or used by the infested person should be washed in very hot water (by hand or machine) and then if you have a dryer, put them in the hot cycle for at least 20 minutes. Lice hate dry heat.

3. If you have clothing that can’t be machine-washed, do them by hand or have them dry-cleaned. Stuffed toys also should be dry-cleaned if you don’t know how to wash them. If you’d rather not have them dry-cleaned, you can put them in airtight plastic bags for a couple of weeks.

4. Any furry or upholstered surfaces or furniture and all carpets in your home and car should be vacuumed.

5. Personal hair care items like hair brushes, combs, clips, headbands, etc., should be washed well in hot water and then soaked in rubbing alcohol or medicated shampoo.

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