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Wax in our ears August 21, 2010

Posted by paripl110707 in Delicate Organ, Hearing Loss.
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Good morning everyone.  The cleanliness with ourselves will result to a better condition of our body.  Even if it can’t be seen by other people.  Like our ears.  Did you know that removing ear wax everyday is a good for the ear?

Human ear is a very delicate organ that serves as our sense for hearing.  It is also responsible for maintaining balance.  Insertion of any sharp object into the ear canal may result to infection and harm the eardrum.

Usually many people clean their ears as a habit; they clean their ears everyday to remove the ear wax produced.  Ear wax which line the canal serves to filter the dust that is carried by ear; the dust is caught by the wax.

People often use cotton buds with plastic, wood, and paper handles in removing ear wax.  This habit may cause perforation or puncture of the eardrum which can cause total hearing loss.  Sometimes a punctured eardrum heals naturally, but sometimes it remains punctured permanently.  Doctors have developed techniques for repairing punctured eardrums through grafting or inducing the growth of epithelium to fill the opening.

In addition, accumulation of ear wax in the ear canal causes partial understanding hearing loss.  This substance is secreted by the walls of the ear canal to prevent the skin from drying up and flaking.  Cleaning of the ear canal to restore full hearing is usually done by a physician.