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Are you sleep deprived? April 15, 2009

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LACK OF SLEEP AFFECTS YOUR PERSONALITY, JOB PERFORMANCE, relationships and personal safety.  How do you find out whether you’re sleep deprived?  Answer the questions below.  Even one yes response to any question could indicate sleep deprivations, says Donald Greenblatt, M.D., director of the Sleep Disorders Center of Rochester, New York.

His advice:  “Try to get more sleep on a regular basis.  If you still have problems, consult your phusician to make sure it’s not a serious health issue.”

1.     Do you need an alarm to wake up in the morning, and is it a struggle to get out of bed?

2.     Do you nod off on the bus on the way home from work?

3.     Are you unable to function unless you start your day with a cup of coffee?

4.     Do you often get sleepy when doing monotonous tasks, such as filing or opening mail?

5.     Does a single beer or glass of wine knock you out?

6.     Do you always sleep late on the weekends?

7.     Do you not off during leisure activities, such as at the movies or a concert or during sex?

8.     Does your bed partner complain that you snore or toss and turn all night?

9.     Are you cranky and irritable during the day?

10.  Do you fall asleep in less than five minutes?

Losing Weight is a Life-long Effort (1) March 19, 2009

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Good morning friends.  Are you fat?  Many of us were having a hard time to exercise daily, eat small amount of food, and take some diet pills.  But we all know that this is one of the factors to lose weight.  With reference to Mitch Felipe of Philippine Daily Inquirer and as many says that losing weight is a lifelong effort.  I want to share it with you and you can get some good tips how to lose weight.  We have to be patient if we want to look healthy and sexy.  It’s not easy but if you have belief that you can do it well, nothing is hard.

If you want to lose weight, then “to lose weight” should not be your goal.  Weight loss should be a lifestyle change which is the foundation of long-term weight control.   Being motivated is not enough to succeed in your weight-loss attempts. You should be ready to modify some aspects of your life. Even if you can lose weight at the start by exercising more and eating less, but you still go out late at night to drink with your friends, you will have a hard time losing weight consistently and maintaining your weight due to lack of sleep and extra calories from drinking and extra foods at night.

Why do a lot of dieters believe that weight management has an end? May be because they are tired of thinking and doing something about their weight all their lives and they want to put in mind that once they reach their goals, their problems will just come to an end.

Gina Kolata, author of the book “Rethinking Thin,” concludes in her book, which is about a two-year weight-loss study, that no matter what the diet is and how much effort is exerted for weight loss, most people will not be able to lose their desired weight.

The book implies that losing weight is a lifelong effort and the most important things to consider during the weight-loss process should not only be weight changes, but lessons learned like food control, feeling good about oneself and lifestyle change. E-mail the author at mitchfelipe@ gmail.com