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How Low Can You Go (2) March 30, 2009

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Soda Falls Flat  Digesting food and drink is calorie-burning work; it’s called the “thermic effect.”  But sugary soft drinks cause less calorie burn than beverages that contain a blend of nutrients.  Researchers at New York City’s St. Luke’s Hospital gave 20 patients either sugar water or a beverage containing a mixture of protein, fat, and carbohydrate, like chocolate milk,.  “The mixed-nutrient beverage resulted in a thermic effect 36 percent greater than that of the sugar drink.  The combo drink took more energy to digest, which increased calorie burn by 23 calories.  That may not sound like much, but it could add up to pounds over a year’s time.

Fire in the Belly  Capsaicin, the fiery compound metabolism.  But taking capsaicin in pill form won’t help you keep excess weight off.  In a 17-week Danish study of people who had recently lost nearly 8 percent of their body weight, those taking daily capsaicin supplements were just as likely to put the pounds back on as the people swallowing a placebo.  That isn’t to say the supplements don’t start a fire; people in the study reported a burning feeling in their stomach[s] after taking the capsules.

How Low Can You Go (1) March 30, 2009

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Good morning to all.  Summer is coming now.  So everybody were planning to have their vacation, some planned to go to the beaches.  It’s a good thing that we could look good with that sexy bottle like body.  We will have no shameful feeling when we have to wear the bikini.  But it’s not the only reason, the important is that it will help our health to be good.  I was reading one magazine and Phillip Rhodes has good tips which I want to share it with you all.

Research in the Journal of Nutrition say a diet that combines low-carb and low-fat approaches may be better for your health than either diet alone.  Reason number one:  It works.  In a study of 20 adults, those on a low-carb/low-fat diet and those on a traditional low-fat diet each lost 6 percent of their body weight in 6 weeks.  Reason two:  Several of the traditional low-fat dieters dropped out due to “unendurable hunger,”  while the low-carb/low-fat dieters were able to stick with their protein-heavy plan.  “Protein is considered the most satiating nutrient.”  Reason three:  Neither group saw a spike in cholesterol levels, a common side effect of many popular low-carb diets (which often come with a high saturated-fat and cholesterol price tag).

Losing weight is a life-long effort (2) March 24, 2009

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More than burning calories

Effective weight loss is more than knowing how to burn and how to count calories.  There are a lot of people who have memorized calorie counts of foods and have bought all the necessary exercise gadgets to monitor calories and exercise performance, but still find it hard to maintain weight.

If you still have unresolved personal issues which might trigger overeating, then there’s a greater chance that you can break your diet plans or discontinue your exercise program because you are not prepared for such circumstances.

Identify the triggers for over-eating or lack of exercise. Write a journal of your food intake, physical activities and even sleep. At the end of the day or week, analyze why you did not follow your food plan. It might be due to stress from work, conflict with your husband or low self-esteem.

The best weight-loss strategy is usually the cheapest one.  Resorting to surgery, liposuction and diet pills can surely make you lose weight, but the real issue is maintaining your weight-loss results long term.  Try not to attribute real weight-loss success to unnatural strategies because the worst thing that can happen is you will be dependent on those.

You are the best person to end your weight loss problems. If you believe that you can lose weight through attitude and behavior change, then you’ve already taken the initial step to long-term weight management. 

Losing Weight is a Life-long Effort (1) March 19, 2009

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Good morning friends.  Are you fat?  Many of us were having a hard time to exercise daily, eat small amount of food, and take some diet pills.  But we all know that this is one of the factors to lose weight.  With reference to Mitch Felipe of Philippine Daily Inquirer and as many says that losing weight is a lifelong effort.  I want to share it with you and you can get some good tips how to lose weight.  We have to be patient if we want to look healthy and sexy.  It’s not easy but if you have belief that you can do it well, nothing is hard.

If you want to lose weight, then “to lose weight” should not be your goal.  Weight loss should be a lifestyle change which is the foundation of long-term weight control.   Being motivated is not enough to succeed in your weight-loss attempts. You should be ready to modify some aspects of your life. Even if you can lose weight at the start by exercising more and eating less, but you still go out late at night to drink with your friends, you will have a hard time losing weight consistently and maintaining your weight due to lack of sleep and extra calories from drinking and extra foods at night.

Why do a lot of dieters believe that weight management has an end? May be because they are tired of thinking and doing something about their weight all their lives and they want to put in mind that once they reach their goals, their problems will just come to an end.

Gina Kolata, author of the book “Rethinking Thin,” concludes in her book, which is about a two-year weight-loss study, that no matter what the diet is and how much effort is exerted for weight loss, most people will not be able to lose their desired weight.

The book implies that losing weight is a lifelong effort and the most important things to consider during the weight-loss process should not only be weight changes, but lessons learned like food control, feeling good about oneself and lifestyle change. E-mail the author at mitchfelipe@ gmail.com

Stretch your body March 10, 2009

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Many of us are very lazy to have an exercise.  It is very good to your health.  The reason why others don’t like to have a daily exercise was that they said that when they exercise, they fell pain.  And sometime you have to enroll in a gym just to boost the feeling of exercising.  But exercise need  not be painful, expensive or complicated.   There is one exercise which everyone can do it easily without complaining of anything.  That is stretching.  Stretching is one form of exercise.  That is very simple to do but so  effective. There are some few guidelines to follow:

(1) Try to wear slack and comfortable clothes  to get the maximum stretching.  (2) Start from the top and move downward. Bend from side to side, then front to back.  (3) Do each movement slowly and move with the flow. Relax and feel each tense area being stretched and rejuvenated.  (4) Breathe deeply and slowly.  (5) A good stretch is achieved by alternately moving shoulders up and down.  (6) Raise your arms upward, clasp them together and move your neck up and down, and side to side. Feel the stretch in the neck area become more intense.  (7) Raise the right arm and bend to the left and do the reverse. Feel the stretch along the side of your body.  (8) Raise arms forward and stretch them, opening them wide. Draw them in slowly, then spread them out again.  (9) Bend down forward and shake your shoulders while in downward pose. This will help relax the back and shoulders.  (10)  As you stretch the arm or leg muscles, don’t forget to also stretch the eye muscles by looking in different directions.  (11)  Before you get out of bed in the morning, you can do the cat and dog stretch to keep the spine supple and flexible. Get on all fours and alternately arch and move your head down to the chest, then stretch and look upward.  (12) Stretch the different parts of the body with gentle movements every chance you get. – R. Valencia S. Bismark

Free Wheeling March 7, 2009

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Good morning everybody.  Teaching your kids doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.  They might having a hard time to learn but the result, they will love and enjoy it.

Take a shortcut  you’ll toss the training wheels faster by using these techniques to teach your kids how to ride.

Using a hill is better than using the holding-on method because the slope supplies the momentum which makes the bike more stable and lets your child concentrate on the key thing-balance.

  Lower the seat so your child can put both feet on the ground while sitting.  Find a grassy slope about 20 yards long and just sleep enough so the bike will coast, and hold the bike while he hops on.

  let go and tell him to lift his feet and coast without pedaling.  If the loses balance, he can easily put a foot down.

  After a few successful coasts, raise the seat for some downhill rides.  Then go to a flat field to practice maneuvers like pedaling, turning, braking, and starting from standstill.

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