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Natural ways to lower blood pressure – 3 January 7, 2009

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Keep the fungus away

If you are in the habit of wearing shoes without socks, chances are you may have fungus.

Keep your feet dry by applying cornstarch between your toes daily.

If you have sweaty feet and hands, soak them in the following solutions for 10 minutes:

Tea. In a pail of warm water place two tea bags. Allow water to turn brown. Tea contains tannins that help absorb the excess moisture.

Vinegar. Mix 10 parts water to one part vinegar.

Epsom salts. To remove fungus, mix one gallon of water with 2 tbsp of Epsom salts. A daily soak will prove very effective.

Fight bladder infections fast

The worst thing that can happen to you while on a trip is to suffer a bladder infection. Telltale signs: burning sensation when you urinate, and a frequent urge to urinate even after having relieved yourself. Also, cloudy urine.

Remember, the more often you urinate, the faster you get rid of the bacteria. Try these:

Drink 15 glasses of water daily.

Take one glass of coconut water every three hours.

Drink cranberry juice three times daily.

Drink sambong tea (bluema camphora), which is native to the Philippines. Its leaves made into tea can flush out toxins from your kidneys. Or, take it in tablet form three times a day.

Your meditation for today: “My life will get better day by day.”

Love and light!

Ref: dailyinquirer/Cory Quirino – World of Wellness, the health, beauty and wellness


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