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Matters of the heart September 24, 2009

Posted by paripl110707 in High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol.
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Some may ask if they have moderately high cholesterol but healthy blood pressure, is it possible that they will have a greater chances of getting hypertension?

You can have high blood pressure simply because you have larger-than-life lipids.  However, while there’s no direct connection between the two, they do have some risk factors in common, explains Edward D. Frohlich, M.D., of Alton Oschner Medical Foundation and editor of the medical journal Hypertension.  Among them:  being overweight and not exercising.  So if you’re trying to lower your cholesterol by losing weight and increasing your activity level, you’re actually lowering your risk for getting hypertension, too. – Greg Gutfeld and Joe Kita