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Healthy diets with healthier carbohydrates (2 of 2) November 7, 2009

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Below are examples of foods that have low GI values, you may want to include such foods more often into your meals: apple muffins, made with sugar; unsweetened grapefruit juice; unsweetened apple juice; carrot juice; tomato juice without sugar; plain sponge cake; all bran cereals; brown rice; full cream milk; oatmeal; cherries; prunes; dried apricots; apple; peach; pear; strawberry; grapes; banana; mango; broccoli; cabbage; lettuce; mushrooms; onion; pepper; carrots; green peas; peanuts; walnuts; cashew; yogurt; chickpeas; lima beans; lentils; and kidney beans.

For your guide to knowing more about the glycemic index of foods, here are some myths about GI:

• The GI doesn’t work in mixed meals. – Wrong. A lot of studies have shown that GI works perfectly in mixed meals.

• Whole grains have low GI. The benefits of GI are really due to fiber. – Wrong. Majority of whole grain cereal products such as wholemeal bread and toasted bran flakes actually have a high GI. That is because the finely milled bran doesn’t slow down digestion and absorption. Whole grains is good for us, but in studies in which fiber contents have been matched, low GI diet incorporating whole grains offer benefits over and above that of processed whole grains.

• The GI doesn’t make sense – chocolate has a low GI but watermelon has a high GI. – Wrong. The GI makes a lot of nutritional sense. Nature intended us to eat slowly digested and absorbed carbs. Most low GI foods are nutritious. Like in anything, common sense is required. Nutritionists don’t recommend jellybeans just because they are low in fat. So it’s with the GI.

• The GI restricts food choices. – Wrong. Low GI diets open the door to nutritious meals.

Eating healthier carbohydrates can positively affect your health today – and possibly the course of your entire life. Start making healthy change into your diet by simply incorporating healthier carbohydrates. You don’t need to spend a lot.  – JOAN SUMPIO, RND

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