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Checking Food Supply August 26, 2009

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A sanitary or health inspector checks the meat sold at the markets. He sees to it that the meat are free from diseases. Only the meat coming from the government slaughter houses may be sold at the markets.

The cattle from which fresh milk is taken are also inspected. Inspectors make sure that the animals are free from diseases. Milk is made safe by heating it under sanitary conditions. The germs re killed then, and milk is safe to drink. At home the milk should be heated. It should be kept in clean bottles. The bottles should be tightly covered.

Why should food be inspected? Water is sometimes added to milk or to vinegar. Food coloring is sometimes used in cakes instead of eggs. This is not allowed by law so health inspectors inspect the food. Sometimes the Bureau of Health collects samples of milk, coffee and ice cream to find out if they are fit to be eaten. This is one way to keep the food safe.