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The most effective tool against lice – 1 January 8, 2009

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It may come as a surprise to know that the lowly little nit comb is a very valuable tool you can use in the treatment of head lice, especially if there are members of your family who are allergic to medicated lice treatments or are under two years of age and cannot use them.  

But even if you do use medicated shampoos, you still must nit-pick manually so you will learn to do it as effectively as possible.  

The eggs or nits are laid very close to the scalp. The old thinking was that eggs farther than half an inch from the scalp would not hatch. Unfortunately, new studies have shown that this isn’t true, especially in warm weather like ours. So the only sure way to control a lice infestation is to remove all the nits that you can find. 

To remove lice and nits manually, have the person shampoo and condition his or her hair every 3 to 4 days. Make sure the hair is still wet before using the nit comb because this disables the lice for a while, and it will be easier to run the comb through newly conditioned hair.  

Make sure that the person whose hair you’re working on is positioned underneath a bright light: by a window during the day, or near a bright lamp. Your goal obviously is to remove every single lice and nit you find because if you don’t, each nit can hatch, reproduce, spread, and continue feeding on the blood of someone in your family!

Ref: dailyinquirer


1. James Beane - January 26, 2009

A few natural remedies are available that avod the usual chemical removers found in the pharmacy. One of the best is tea tree oil.

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