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Pesticides harm babies – 1 December 23, 2008

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Because of dengue, malaria and other insect-borne diseases, many of us have little choice but to use pesticides. Pesticides are found in our air, water, soil and food sources. But many pesticides have harmful effects on the environment, and in a recent study, pesticides have been revealed to be extremely dangerous for children, especially fetuses and infants.

“Most pesticides are poisonous to the nervous system and abnormalities in brain development in the fetus have been described in animals and humans who have been exposed to them,” says Dr. Enrique M. Ostrea Jr., professor of Pediatrics at Wayne State University in Michigan and visiting professor of the College of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) at the University of the Philippines in Manila. Dr. Ostrea became known for his creative use of meconium (feces of fetuses) to detect drug use in their mothers, and for this and other achievements, he is included in my book “Ten Outstanding Filipino Scientists.”

Now Dr. Ostrea focuses his attention on pesticides. The fetus is especially vulnerable to pesticides, because while in the womb, the brain undergoes very rapid development. Nerve cells increase, migrate, form networks. To make things worse, even smaller doses of pesticides can be dangerous for the fetus, because it cannot quickly break down poisons. No wonder, research has shown that several learning and behavioral disorders may be traced to even low-level exposure to pesticides in industry and in the home.


Ref: dailyinquirer


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