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Four Painless Ways to Improve Your Diet November 6, 2008

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 Good morning friends.  We all know that if there’s an occasion we can’t control our eating habit.  We can’t resist if we saw different kinds of food.  Our appetite increases a lot.  Don’t worry I will share you what I have known about some ways to improve your diet.  It’s painless!

If your regular cold cereal isn’t high-fiber, mix it half-and-half with a BRAN CEREAL.  It will still taste good, but will provide a fiber boost of up to 7 grams (23 percent of the Daily Value, which is 25 grams for adults).

Instead of drinking 2 cups of 2-percent MILK a day, make it 1-percent (or move from 1-percent to skim) to save a total of 14,600 calories a year—enough for a 4-pound weight loss.

Pick ROMAINE LETTUCE rather than iceberg for salads and sandwiches; it has twice the potassium and folic acid, 6 times as much vitamins C, and 8 times as much beta-carotene.

Pump up IRON intake by cooking regularly in a cast-iron skillet or Dutch oven.  Long-simmering soups, stews, and sauces tend to absorb the most iron, but even scrambling an egg in a cast-iron skillet can more than double the egg’s iron content.



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